I grew up in a musical family. My father played trumpet and

french horn and I was exposed to jazz and improvisation from an early age. I didn`t have the motivation to continue with the trumpet so I decided to quit when I was 12 years old.  Much later on , in my twenties, the need of playing music and trumpet grew too strong.

While I was working as an aupair in the french alps, at age 21, I had a lot of spare time. I decided to give the trumpet a try once more so I started to practice and became hooked.

Maybe I needed to do different stuff for a few years. 

After a couple of years of studies I was accepted at the Royal College of music in Stockholm. The great Peter Asplund was my trumpet teacher at the College. I started playing in different projects at the school but also gigs around Stockholm.

My last year of studies was done at the Jazz -Institut -Berlin as an erasmus student. I got to have some great teachers and fellow students there. One of my inspiring teachers was of course my main trumpet professor Gerard Presencer. 

Since I finished my studies in 2010 I have had the opportunity to play with a lot of prominent jazz artists and interesting projects in Sweden but also around Europe, especially in Germany where I have done several tours.

In 2018 I released my debut album First Lines (recorded 2017, Stockholm Jazz Records ). 

In december 2021 I will release my second album, In Between.

To be continued.

- Erik Palmberg

Some of the groups and artists that Erik will play or has played with:

Erik Palmberg Quartet

Bernt Rosengren Big Band
Blue House Jazz Orchestra

Berlin Big Band
Ekdahl Bagge Big Band
Stockholm Hot Seven

Lasse Lindgren and SOS Big Band
Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia
Håkan Nyqvist Quartet
Kari Sjöstrand Hot 6
Jan Allan
Ralph Reichert
Bob Lanese
Hendrik Meyer
Nina Rotner
Uri Gincel
Paul Imm

A Casa Toca
Papa Dee & Desmond Foster
Frode Wendelboe
Joey Fever
Tobbe P- Danielsa
Fria Pro Teatern

Recorded with these various artists:
Andreas Grega 
Anders Wendin
A Casa Toca
Acid House Kings
Cult Of Luna
Combo de la Musica 

Jannes Fenomenala Orkester
Jukka Rintamäki
Oskar Sharp Featuring Simone Moreno
Prins John
Rebecca Petersson
Rebell Robert och Irma Schultz Keller
Sonic Station
Sounds Like Moving
The Northern Lights
Two White Horses

Oscarsrevyn, Oscarsteatern 2016 (trumpet substitute)

Körprojektet, Unga Dramaten /Elverket 2014
Palmes Spöke, Dramaten/ The Royal Dramatic Theatre 2013
Skattjakten,  Swedish Radio /radioteatern 2013
Skattjakten, Orionteatern 2012
Det Var En Gång En Vincent Van Gogh,
UngaTur 2008
Movie soundtrack
Possession (Bergwall, Sanquist, 2008)