In Between


Winner of the readers poll for Best Jazz Album 2021

-Jazz Magazine

"I want to draw parallels to Roy Hargrove and Ambrose Akinmusire"

-Jazz Magazine (Orkesterjournalen), Sweden

"A small miracle in 

today's jazzland, full of

lyricism and transcendence.

Outstanding.. Flawless album"

- Arnaldo DeSouteiro (producer, member of JJA and voting member of NARAS - GRAMMY)


"Alternately bold, expressive, comforting, and engaging,

.. among the year's best."



"Responsive brilliance..

lifts towards the sky.

In Between is comfort for

sad souls"


 - Värmlands Folkblad, Sweden


"Very nice!

Enjoyed that immensely"

- Randy Brecker 

"Erik Palmberg has really carved out his own expressive sound with threads in Nordic music and stable moorings in the bollards of jazz. This is a first-class production and an effective contribution to a living jazz tradition. "

- Opulens, Sweden


"bursting with ideas and themes that result in a musically perfect symbiosis", Germany


manages the tradition in a lively and personal way"


-Kulturdelen, Sweden

"A very distinctive sound"


-Musicalmemoirs Jazz Blog, USA

"Poetic volume of first-class music"

"With the album "In Between", Erik Palmberg, apart from everything that is the best in Scandinavian music, also makes a deep tribute to the classical jazz tradition."

- Babskim Uchem, jazz blog, Poland

"A new star on the

jazz horizon"

"Here are the roots of jazz's deepest soil and not least the music breathes Swedish tradition and those blue tones are present almost everywhere.

Erik Palmbergs album belongs in the fine rooms of jazz"

-Dalademokraten, Sweden

"In Between is a beautiful album.

A mature, graceful and harmonious album, recorded with deep-seated lyricism"

-Turkish Jazz Portal,

"Lira likes" - "The roots of jazz meet a distinctive European, sometimes Nordic sound.. timeless.

poetic album"

-Lira music magazine


" a certain detached mood that allows the musicians to create a world of their own.
..what matters is the music created by his group manages to stand out.. Overall we are faced with a complex work, well blended, mixed by a meditative and constantly relaxed aspect. ..a mosaic of iridescent moods, iridescent like snow crystals."

- Off Topic Magazine, Italy 

"Another indicator of the strength and depth on the Scandinavian jazz scene "

- Jazztoday, radio UK

"Palmberg's own compositions are both imaginative and quietly reflective, at the same time as he allows himself to push boundaries." Sweden


serious and solid"

- Drasunsun jazz blog, Japan

"The album brings perfectly refined instrumental music full of captivating melodies and harmony"

-Longplay, Poland

" Gentle expressions, interesting unison, live improvisations, melodic caresses, soothing wanderings, ... Simply a balm for today's hectic world and "messy" nerves! Great!"


-Skjazz, Slovakia

"shows what a brilliant soloist he is, where his playing is reminiscent of greats like Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and Tom Harrell

..a thoroughly very tasteful album "

- 7 Övik, Sweden